Wait For The Rainbow 2

Wait for the rainbow

Are we learning to be content no matter the circumstances?

Philippians 4:11 MEV “I do not speak because I have need, for I have learned in whatever state I am to be content.”

In the arms of the Father is the only place where contentment lives. Wow! We sure need that reminder. When things become difficult, we take our eyes off Him and focus on the problem. In Him is where perfect peace resides. We must learn to wait for the rainbow.

Maybe you’re like me. You’ve been facing a 5-year battle you thought you won, and once again, it rears its ugly head. If I focus on the struggle, there is only stress, worry, and confusion about why I am still climbing this rough mountain terrain.

It’s only when I focus on the Father that true contentment and perseverance come. When we sit and wallow in the crisis, we cannot fully trust in the Father and hope expectantly for the victory. When we allow the situation to become a distraction, we enable the enemy to steal our joy.

No battle is joyful, but to wait upon the Lord, trust in Him, while remaining content and hopefully expectant of the victory the Lord will bring, gives a black eye to the enemy. The battle may still rage around us, but we remind ourselves that God is in control. We must wait for the rainbow!

We are merely a piece of the puzzle, strategically placed to complete the whole picture of God’s purpose and plan.

While putting together a puzzle, the puzzle pieces have no control over where they are placed. The person putting it together has the control of placing the pieces. The pieces rest on the table, waiting to be moved.

God is the master puzzle player; we are the pieces. We wait for the rainbow. We wait upon the Lord to pick us up and carry us where He needs us to be.

Often we try to take over and become the master. In doing so, we put ourselves into places we don’t fit. Often we struggle, and our edges become ragged and out of shape. No longer can we fit smoothly where we thought we once belonged. We are trying to fit in a place God never meant for us to be.

Sometimes we can press so hard with all our strength to fit our piece into the place we want it to go. We do not see the fraying and bending of the edges ever so slightly. The uncomfortable position we put ourselves into leaves us dry and doubting without contentment and peace. We must wait for the rainbow, instead of placing ourselves into uncomfortable places.

Our place is to sit in contentment with hopeful expectations, waiting upon the master puzzle player to place us in the exact position we need to be to complete the whole picture. We cannot see what lies outside the pieces around us. Only God can. What we see is not the entire picture.

We may see only the storm, but beyond every storm lies a rainbow with the light of the Father shining through. Wait for the rainbow! 

Are you going through the storm, waiting on the rainbow? God sees your heart! Like the water from a fresh spring, may his refreshing waters pour over you today. To wash you in His abundant love and grace. Do you need prayer or just a friend to stand in the gap for you? I would love to pray for you and intercede over the storm in your life today. You can contact me right here.

Love & Hugs, Teresa

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