Jesus' Gifts Under The Christmas Tree With Stockings Hung On The Mantel.

How a Divine Encounter Reveals Our Identity in Him: Look For Jesus’ Gifts

Do You Know Who You Are?

The Bible tells us that if any man is in Christ, He is a new creation. The old is gone and the new has come!  (2 Corinthians 5:17) What an exciting place to be! Christ has died on the cross in our place and the Father has given us a great inheritance in Christ. We are joined with Christ and sit with Him in Heavenly places. Jesus’ gifts were purchased on the cross for us and through them it created our identity in Him. If you don’t know who you are in Christ, you cannot live from that heavenly place.

Knowing who you are in Christ can changes everything. Humor me, and let’s have a little fun tapping into the voice of the Lord. Hearing His voice in this type of encounter is easier than you think. Let’s use our imagination during this season and dream a bit. Will you come with me? Allow me to lead you on this fun Christmas encounter.

Picture Yourself in This Cozy Christmas Setting

 Imagine you are in a cozy living room. It’s snowing outside huge lacey flakes and snow drifts pile up around the corners of the house outside. Wearing your dressy, but comfy, Christmas sweater, Christmas socks, and sipping cocoa, you sit by the fire roaring in the fireplace. The Christmas tree stands twinkling within your living room and gives off a beautifully colorful glow. Garlands grace the fireplace with stockings hung with care. Freshly baked cookies sit before you on a plate that beg your attention.

You are warm with your plush throw over you and your favorite pet has snuggled into your legs within the throw. The fragrance of pinecones fills the air from the ones you and the kids found outside today, now lying on the mantle. Soft instrumental Christmas tunes play on the sound system. You put your head back and take a deep breath in. You relax in the comforts of Christmas and the season.

Jesus Gifts Of Joy With A Fire Blazing In The Fireplace, Christmas Cookies And Cocoa, And Warm Fuzzy Blanket.
How A Divine Encounter Reveals Our Identity In Him: Look For Jesus' Gifts 16

A Soft Knock at the Door

 You take a sip of your cocoa, only to hear a knock on the door. The dog jumps down, barking, and you get up to answer it. To your utter shock and amazement, it’s Jesus, the light of your life, the one you call your own! He greets you with a tear and a flash of His beautiful smile. You fall to your knees in awe. Your mind begins to race with thoughts, when you see Him squat down in front of you with a look of delight in His eyes. “Can I come in?” He asks with a chuckle. Hurriedly, you move out of the way to let Him in and it’s then you notice Jesus has a wrapped gift in His hand

He sits down next to you in front of the fireplace by the tree and tells you how He is excited to be here and to chat with you. You’re transfixed, offer Him a cookie, cocoa, and a blanket. He grins and takes the cookie, and the two of you discuss many things together. Some that are comforts and some that require work on your part. 

Christmas Cookies With The Quote &Quot;If Jesus Knocked On Your Door This Christmas, Would He Find You Walking In The Identity He Dearly Paid For You To Have?&Quot; Jesus Gifts Of Identity
How A Divine Encounter Reveals Our Identity In Him: Look For Jesus' Gifts 17

An Expensive Gift from Jesus Left Unopened

Jesus looks at you and says, “I bought this gift for you. It was very expensive. When I saw it, I knew you must have it. Many, that belong to Me, have been believers for many years, yet never knew this priceless gift was given to them when they first believed. So, when I saw yours still under Father’s tree, I decided to bring it to you this year, so you could finally have it.” “For me, Jesus? I-I-I don’t know what to say… Thank You for this, and then for bringing it to me.” He flashed His smile again and it made you smile too. “Before you open it, though, I must say something about it”, He said. “I purchased this gift, but Father celebrates you within in. You will see.” He motioned for me to open it.

Personalized Blessings

The package was eloquently wrapped with gold foil paper, the most expensive kind. Large and oversized, the ribbon was red brocaid. It had the scent of myrrh and frankincense emanating from it. Inside, you noticed a red velvet lined box molded with each individual item perfectly placed. Each item, intricately crafted, were personalized ornaments, were made especially for you. Each with gold and silver writing on each one, some in molded shapes and some were framed. You looked back at Jesus in wonder of what this was and the obvious expense He went to purchase it. His look was one of delight and excitement for you to see everything within it. Jesus was on the edge of His seat grinning with His perfect white smile, excited for you to take your first look at the gift.

Jesus’ Gifts to You Start to Unfold

You start thinking to yourself, “Wow, look how excited Jesus is for me to see this. What in the world could this be?” You look back at the box and pick one of the exquisitely made ornaments and lift it out of the velvet box.  It was shiny and had the appearance like a diamond and upon the golden nameplate above it is engraved with your name and the words:  You are precious and My treasured possession. 1 Peter 2:9-10. You gasp and a lump fills your throat. You look back at Jesus who is positively beaming in His chair. He stands up and takes it from you and puts it upon a branch of your Christmas tree.

Jesus Gifts Of Your Identity In Him. Beautiful Gold Package Wrapped In Red Ribbon Under The Tree
How A Divine Encounter Reveals Our Identity In Him: Look For Jesus' Gifts 18

The Father’s Heart Poured Out through Jesus’ Gift

“Go ahead, look at another.” He beckons. Looking inside the box, you find another one that grabs your attention. This one, with a different appearance than the others, has its own golden hanger, set apart from the others. It also has its own light that shines upon it. “Wow, look at this!” You say, as you pull it out completely. It reads: You are set apart and chosen by Me. Ephesians 1:4-6. This one had the scripture listed under it and it read: 

And in love he chose you before he laid the foundation of the universe! Because of his great love, he ordained you, so that you would be seen as holy in his eyes with an unstained innocence. For it was always in his perfect plan to adopt you as his delightful child, through your union with Jesus, the Anointed One, so that his tremendous love that cascades over you would glorify his grace–for the same love he has for the Beloved, Jesus, he has for you. And this unfolding plan brings him great pleasure! 

Ephesians 1:4-6 TPT

The lump in your throat just got bigger. Jesus took it from your hands tenderly with a smile, (that could light up the world–and does) and also placed it on the tree in a prominent place.

Priceless Treasure

You look at Him blankly while He grins again for you to continue. He says, “May I suggest three together here?” He asks. “Yes!” you exclaim. He stands and leans over the box pulling out three altogether. He hands them to you. One is a beautiful ruby that says “Redeemed” Galatians 3:13 upon it. Another is a gavel with golden letters that read, “Justified”. Galatians 2:16. The third one is a bird cage with an open door that reads, “Set free” Romans 8:2-6. By this time, the lump in your throat turns to tears which fly down your cheeks. You move to hug His neck and He is already moving to you. “Jesus, this is priceless to me,” you say, as He holds you to His side. He takes those three and tells you to put them on the tree together.

Identity In Christ Ornaments Printable Cover Opt In Image
How A Divine Encounter Reveals Our Identity In Him: Look For Jesus' Gifts 19

Life Changing Identity in Jesus’ Gift for You

“A couple more and I’ll will let you discover the rest on your own. They will change your life if you allow them to. It will change it completely.” He says, grinning from ear to ear. “I very much would like to see that happen for you!” He reaches in the box for you this time and pulls out what looks like a mini golden crown complete with jewels in it. It had a silver tag with your name inscribed on it and on the other side it reads:  You are an heir & blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ–Galatians 4:7Ephesians 1:3

He looks at you. “Do You see how knowing your identity in Me and having the backing of heaven has the potential to change your life forever? All that truly matters is your perspective and when your perspective is heaven’s perspective, there is no limit to what you can accomplish for the Kingdom. Your life matters and that is why you have been outfitted with heaven’s best.” He took it and put it near the top of the Christmas tree. “I placed it near the top of your tree so every time you see your tree, you see this one.”

Another One with Prominence

He looks back in your direction. “Ok,” He says smiling. “One more.” He motions for you to pull out one of the others that remain. This one is cute. It’s a little mini blown glass caped superhero. It has a silver tag on it that reads: Christ lives within you and completes you. He makes you strong and you are more than a conqueror through Him that loved you. Philippians 4:13, 2 Corinthians 12:10,Colossians 2:10, Romans 8:37. You look at Him and grin. “Jesus this is exciting!” You get up to put the ornament on the tree. You decide this one deserves to be at the top of the tree as well. 

Don’t Forget What’s Already Yours

Jesus stands to hug you. The fact that your Savior would come with this gift for you moves you. He didn’t have to do that, much like dying on the cross for you, but He did. You think of what all this information will do for you to live differently.

“These gifts have been around since you were first born again. Don’t forget all that is available to you in Me. As you can see there are many more we didn’t get to talk about. Living your whole life never knowing who you are steals the joy and power from your life and your effectiveness of your life. You were meant for much more than what you see now. When your identity is known, heaven and hell take notice and heaven works with you. Be sure to utilize what Heaven paid so much for you to have. I love you, My dearest child.” You look at Him in wonder and more tears emerge. Your grateful voice thanks Him once again. He flashes His bright smile at you and says, “If you need Me, I’m always with you.” With that, He disappears from your sight.

Jesus Gifts  Of Identity. Crown Of Thorns With The Quote, &Quot;Jesus Didn'T Just Die For You. He Went To Great Lengths To Purchase A New Identity For You Too. Victory Wasn'T Just For Him. It Was For You Too.
How A Divine Encounter Reveals Our Identity In Him: Look For Jesus' Gifts 20

Encounter Breeds a Fire Within

Your feet fall out from underneath you and you fall to the couch in amazement of the wonderful encounter you just had with the King of Kings. How could you have missed all Jesus’ gifts all this time? Christmas and this season hold so much meaning for you anyway, but after today, there is so much more meaning and wonder filling you. You sit and study each ornament and the scriptures attached to them. More tears fill your eyes as you question yourself as to why you let these go unnoticed for so long. Encounter breeds a new fire of motivation in you and an excitement for more. Yes, there’s so much more you haven’t even scratched the surface of. It’s all waiting for you in Christ, in Jesus’ gifts! To uncover and discover in the secret place–with Him. 

The Manger Scene With John 1:14 &Quot;The Word Became Flesh And Made His Dwelling Among Us. We Have Seen His Glory, The Glory Of The One And Only Son, Who Came From The Father, Full Of Grace And Truth.&Quot; Jesus Gifts-Identity
How A Divine Encounter Reveals Our Identity In Him: Look For Jesus' Gifts 21

Your Identity Purchased by Jesus

 Candlelit living rooms all around the world, will herald our blessed Savior’s birth.
 To celebrate Heaven’s gift as a babe, sent to all on the earth.
He came to save the world from their sins, through cross and lashing bruise.
His love so intense, His love so true, for all; AND me and you.
 His arrival should have been broadcast on the regular evening news.
But rather it was announced via starlight with joyful angelic muse.
To commoners working the fields that night, watching sheep, in well-worn sandaled shoes.
His star in the east pointed where He lay that night,
And in silence it spoke volumes of the Child’s Kingly birthright.
Why would a Royal King be born in such un-kingly fashion?
 Was there another purpose? Was there found no passion? 
To announce Heaven’s tender news?
From commoners to well to-do, His arrival was ordained,
It included every one of All, who wished to love His Name.
So, what about you? Do you treasure His Name?
Do you accept His gift spent for you just the same?
He purchased so much on the cross that He bore
His blood cleansing, remaking, you from outside to core.
Do you Know what He purchased with His own costly blood? 
Your new identity and Heaven, like Spring flowers from the bud!
So, as you decorate your tree for this very season
Remember He purchased gifts for believers for a reason.
The gifts are celebrated like ornaments on a tree.
Ornaments celebrating YOUR nature by our Father in eternity.
He celebrates YOU by His own Precious Son, 
For no other person could save you but One,
The gifts Jesus purchased won’t corrode or fade
But into a new person you will be made.
Our Father celebrates this new ‘you” with each passing day
For you are His inheritance set for that day
We all enter Heaven with a great snatching away. 
Our Bridegroom will take us, and we will be His
For the bridal veil was torn so forever We’re His.
So, until that day remember you are walking in the 'new'
A 'new' that was purchased just for you too, 
This 'new' will prepare you for your coming wedding day
Where you shine and are spotless for your Bridegroom to say’
“Welcome home My true Love and enter your NEW day!”

Have A Very Merry Christmas!

To Your Beautiful Transformation, Sharla: Authors Block
How A Divine Encounter Reveals Our Identity In Him: Look For Jesus' Gifts 22

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