God Sees Your Heart

God sees your heart

Updated March 5, 2023

God sees your heart & heals the brokenhearted: Psalm 147:3 

Beloved daughter, I see your heart and the broken pieces laying on the ground. Your hurt is felt deep within me. I see you, the deep loneliness you feel within, the ache within to be loved and understood. I see you; I know the deepest longings of your heart, the desires you are too afraid to ask for. 

Shattered Pieces before the throne of Grace & Mercy: Hebrews 4:16

Oh beautiful bride, come to me. I am calling out your name. Do you not hear me? Do you not see? Just take a step back, just a little further, now look down. Now, look all the way down. Do you see the pieces of what you thought were your shattered heart fallen upon the ground? They actually fell at my feet, at the throne of grace, love and mercy I so richly offer you. You see, the shattered pieces are not really your heart at all. They are merely the broken pieces of the wall you placed around your heart that I am breaking away. 

God sees your heart, He is refining you in the fire: Psalm 66:10

Long ago, you put up a wall, a wall that I am crushing. The hurt from mankind and the world have all helped you build that tough thick wall. Now, I am tearing it down piece by piece. My love is redefining how you think and feel. The hurt you think is from a broken heart is actually my refining fire, the crushing of the grapes, the purifying in the crucible of my hands. Without the crushing of the grapes, you have no wine. To reveal the beauty beneath, the refining fires of the crucible must remove the ugly dross. I know the right amount of crushing and refining your delicate heart can handle. 

God’s Workmanship God sees your heart: Ephesians 2:10

I have a plan and a purpose, and the process is never in vain. It is never to punish or to bruise. My plans are for perfecting. For tearing down the negative way, you see yourself. Oh come to me, my child, come to me and surrender it all. I long to embrace you with my love, rebuild and rewire the way you see yourself. The way you see yourself is not how I see you. I see you as the way you truly are. 

You have searched me and known me: Psalm 139

Oh, won’t you look, won’t you see? You are so beautiful to me. One in a Million, the light of my morning and the beauty in my night. I knit you in your mother’s womb. I know the inner workings of your heart, for I am the master builder and I only build what is precious to me. You are priceless and worthy. You are worthy of my blood on the cross. I paid it all for you, my beautiful bride. You are so worth it all. 

The Lord’s Favor, God sees your heart: Isaiah 61:3

You can have the desires of your heart. I already know all about them, won’t you trust me? Won’t you come to me? I am waiting for you to come, to ask me the deepest questions of your heart’s desire. I long to be hidden away in the secret place with you. Come, my bride, don’t wait any longer. Come to me like the gazelle runs to the streams of fresh, flowing water. Come my bride, don’t you hear me? Don’t you see? I make all things new. I turn your mourning into joy and your sorrow into dancing. Come away with me and see the plans I have for you.

My friend, are you going through a season of brokenness? I pray this post speaks to your heart. It is straight from the heart of the Father for you today. Can I pray for you today? You can contact me here. Do you need a refreshing? Check out this post on refreshing waters. Are you new to His Daily Scribe? You can learn more about me here. I love you, my friend, and I am praying for you!

Love & hugs, Teresa

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